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in alcohol’s defense I’ve done some pretty dumb shit while completely sober too

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Nathan And I: Ashton Irwin Imagine


A/N: guys please don’t kill me! I know this is a blog for Nathan Sykes imagines and fanfics but my best friend sent me this small imagine and I had to write a longer version. Please don’t unfollow me? Love you guys!

You woke up and felt a pair of warm arms wrapped around your waist. You smiled…

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One Direction & Carrie Hope Fletcher

—I Want


This song is in stereo so if it sounds weird try to listen to it with headphones.

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I went into tesco because my mum wanted a chocolate bar. I ended up with two tubs of Pringles, three red bulls, two big bars of galaxy, four chocolate cupcakes and a small bar of chocolate for my mother dearest. I blame it on my French cousin tbh, this is the reason I’m fat!